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Weekend Web Roundup - March Madness Edition

website roundup responsive design landing page optimization

All is good in the basketball world right now. March madness is in full swing, and Dwight Howard did the right thing by staying with the Orlando Magic. Not one but TWO  2 seeds lost on the same day, a couple of 1 seeds barely escaped, and the Seminoles stole on from St. Bonaventure, and the Magic, who look like they're coming together at the right time are playing well since Dwight's commitment.

A couple things that I've been paying a lot of attention to lately are in this week's roundup: Responsive design is going to be huge and if you're not paying attention to this, you will want to start paying attention. The proliferation of mobile devices and tablets are continuing to change the way visitors see your site. Nothing is more annoying than to try to browse to a site on your mobile device, once it does actually load, the site is anything but optimized for reading it on such a device. It amazes me that so many big companies and sites haven't done this yet.

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